Promotional Games

Sport Promotional Games

Reward fans and create excitement around a sporting activity.

Increase sponsorship awareness, engage customer interest and create huge PR opportunities with a Sports Promotional Game. 

PIMS-SCA will work with you to develop innovative exciting promotional games that tie in the action of a high profile sporting event, offer high value prizes and of course pay out for any winners. 

Effective as an on-pack promotion or as a crowd pleaser at the event, sports promotional games can be adapted for any sport and mechanic. Some examples include:

  • Golf Gallery Give-Away: If a golfer breaks the course record, the sponsor gives away a free beverage to all spectators at the event.
  • Football Outstanding Player or Team Performance: If the Centre Forward of a team achieves a hat trick in one game, the sponsor awards all season ticket holders with club merchandise to mark the event.
  • Cricket Super Six Shot: When a batsman hits a “six” into the outfield, and the ball hits a designated target such as the sponsor’s billboard, all fans are rewarded – with cash or sponsors merchandise.
  • On Pack Game Card Promotion: Incorporate game-cards into promotional packs, offering customers the chance to win big cash prizes should a player or a team achieve a specific result.