Contractual Bonus & Performance Incentives

Applebys £100,000 Diamond incentive – Play video.

Sports Contractual Bonus campaigns

Motivate athletes, teams and managers to excel in their sport.

PIMS-SCA offers bespoke solutions for Perfomance Incentives & Contractual Bonus Coverage to Brands, Agencies and Sports Clubs involved in major national or international competitions.

We guarantee bonus plans based on the performance of professional sports people, teams and managers worldwide. 

For football this could include cash incentives for:

  • a team winning the UEFA Champions League or their Domestic League.
  • a player scoring a specific number of goals throughout a season.
  • a manager with an outstanding season-long performance.

Our expertise and experience extends across the full spectrum of sports from; football, golf, rugby, tennis, cricket, cycling and athletics to motor racing and horse racing. You name it, we can cover it.

Our team of sports risk specialists will calculate the likelihood of the incentive being achieved and when it happens, PIMS-SCA pay out the bonus!

View the Applebys £100,000 Diamond Incentive Video