Risk Management

Professional Indemnity

The competitive and fast evolving nature of the Promotional Marketing industry, creates a perilous environment whereby even the smallest of mistakes can be extremely costly. 

That's why it’s reassuring to have an experienced “partner” that offers bespoke Professional Indemnity insurance, protecting your business from financial and often reputation-damaging claims by dissatisfied clients. 

Here at PIMS-SCA, we are the number one insurance broker to the Promotional Marketing industry. We work with leading insurers to provide Professional Indemnity policies tailored specifically towards professionals working in marketing, advertising, PR, design, new media and communications.

Our Professional Indemnity policy will cover you for:

  • Negligence; where you have failed in your duty of care to a client.
  • Breach of intellectual property rights.
  • Breach of confidentiality.
  • Client documents that are lost, stolen or damaged in your care.

And the best part. There’s a clause written into every one of our contracts that means should your company make a mistake (we are all human after all), we can help resolve the problem before your client is even made aware of it – leaving your reputation, balance sheet and client relationship fully intact. 

Our risk specialists will guide you through every step of the insurance process, ensuring that you have the most appropriate indemnity policy in place.

Download the PIMS-SCA Professional Indemnity Proposal Form (PDF).