Risk Management

Prize Coverage

Risk Management Prize Coverage campaigns

Turn an average promotion into something extraordinary.

PIMS-SCA provides comprehensive prize coverage services and creative solutions for eliminating risk in promotional and marketing campaigns.

Our prize coverage enables you to upgrade a promotional prize from £5,000 to over £5 million for just a fraction of the prize value – delivering a high-profile promotion for often less than you had budgeted.

By assessing the odds of an event occurring, we can help you to develop games, contests and promotions to match your budget and increase prize funds for ultimate stand-out. 

Prize risk can be associated with promotions that are either games of skill or chance:

  • Instant Win
  • Match and Win
  • Scratchcards
  • Promotion Finale
  • Conditional Rebate
  • Factorial
  • Sports Skill Contest
  • Online Games
  • Performance Incentives      



           In addition, we have a whole range of off-the shelf Prize Promotion Products designed to increase footfall and customer excitement at any event. These include: Visible Vault, Money Bags, Prize Kiosks, Jackpot Machine, Wheel Spins and Scratch-and-Win Cards. 

We work to the golden rule – 'create prize promotions to create WINNERS, not losers' and when someone wins, it’s PIMS-SCA that pays!