Promotional Marketing

Promotional Marketing Tools

Promotional Response Rate Advisor.

Over the years we have accumulated and collated data on thousands of different promotions, across all industry sectors.

As Your Silent Partner, we are happy to share our invaluable information in the form of our Promotional Response Rate Advisor.

This useful gizmo charts the typical response rate for different Promotional Marketing mechanics and helps to determine if such a mechanic will meet your objectives.

Promotional Risk Management Guide.

Our Promotional Risk Management Guide is quite simply the Promotional Marketing Bible. It’s filled to the brim with hints and tips on mechanics and response rates.

If you would prefer a hard copy to stash safely in your top drawer – send us an email and we will pop one in the post right away.

Please remember that these tools are purely intended to ‘point you in the right direction’. Feel free to contact us on 020 7255 7900 for more specific response rates and expert advice from one of our team.

View the promotional Response Rate Advisor and the Risk Management Guide.