Promotional Marketing

Jackpot™ Machine

Jackpot Machine promotions

The promotional slot machine that will have customers lined up at your door.

The PIMS-SCA Jackpot Machine will enhance your company's visibility by offering the excitement of a prize up to a million pounds or more.

It can be used at retail locations, in a trade show booth, at radio remotes or in casinos. 

Simply invite customers to pull the Jackpot Machine's handle. The three reel strips spin around while the machine lights up and makes casino-like sounds. When the reels stop, a customised voucher is printed instantly revealing the prize won. If the wheels stop on the grand prize - it's PIMS-SCA that pays!

You can even offer discount coupons on prize vouchers to encourage customers to buy now or offer bounce back incentives to bring them back later.

Jackpot's reel strips, prize board, face plate, and prize vouchers can all be customised with your logo, products and promotional theme.


"PIMS-SCA's JackPot promotion created traffic for my store and let us offer our customers an awesome prize." - Canadian International Jewellers.