Promotional Marketing

Promotion. Protection. Perfection!

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Promotional Marketing campaigns

'A' Rated Ideas + 'A' Rated Insurers = Promotional Success!

We work with brands and agencies on hundreds of different promotions every year, which means that we can honestly say we understand what works, what doesn't and how to get the most out of your marketing budget.

We also understand that behind every successful Promotional Marketing campaign is an extremely tired, busy Account and Marketing Team. 

With our one-off Fixed Fee solution, Over Redemption coverage and Prize Promotion products, we are here to make your lives a little easier.

By protecting your campaign against the costs of higher than expected responses and paying out for any prize winners, you can enjoy the success without security worries.

The PIMS-SCA Promotional Marketing Tools have been carefully put together to share the invaluable knowledge we have accumulated over the years.

If it is inspiration you’re looking for – check out our case study library for other campaigns that have taken advantage of PIMS-SCA’s risk management protection.

To discuss your next Promotional Marketing campaign call us on: 020 7255 7900.