Giving players the games they want to play.


With the increasing popularity of lottery games offering life-changing multi-million pound jackpots, both established gaming brands and new start up operators are entering the field.

Lottery games can be an additional revenue stream to your existing game portfolio but also a great way of retaining and rewarding existing players, keeping both them and their pennies coming back.

PIMS-SCA has been providing prize insurance to savvy lottery operators for a number of years across the three main lottery techniques.

Our experience shows that the bigger the prize up for grabs, the greater the response and our lottery prize insurance allows operators to offer a £multi-million jackpot for just pennies per play.

As a Lloyds Broker and working with some of the world's largest Insurance companies, our prize coverage is financially secure, removing the financial risk of a winner from your balance sheet.

When you have a winner it's PIMS-SCA that pays leaving you to enjoy increased popularity and publicity.

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