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As with any campaign, response rates for mobile-based promotions can be unpredictable and therefore budgets and costs can be difficult to forecast.

Even the smallest change in mechanic can massively impact on redemption levels and ultimately the associated costs.

As with any traditional mechanic our Fixed Fee protection removes all uncertainty from planning and funding a successful mobile campaign; covering the financial risk of redemptions from 0–100%, incorporating prize coverage and including total management of promotional services from start to finish.

More specifically for mobile-based campaigns our Fixed Fee covers the costs of brands responding to text entries – which can prove extremely costly if the anticipated response rates are high.

We have provided Fixed Fee protection and Prize Coverage for a range of mobile mechanics over the years; text to win, text to collect, SMS prize draws, SMS Vouchers and Mobile Coupons.

PIMS-SCA was the first promotional risk management company to provide risk protection for U.K. mobile campaigns for promotions such as Cadburys Txt 2 Win. As a result, we now have extensive experience in the mobile sector, enabling us to accurately advise on response rates and fully protect campaigns with our Fixed Fee solution.

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