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Instant wins, prize draws, games, coupons and collectors are the main traditional sales promotion mechanics adapted and incorporated into online, mobile and social media promotional campaigns.

But, as with the traditional mechanics, there is the financial risk of over redemption as well as other associated promotional costs, that can hugely affect a campaign budget and ROI.

Our Fixed Fee protection sets your budget from the outset, so no matter how many redemptions, we pay for all the associated costs incurred; prize coverage, responding to SMS entries, e-coupons, sending out prizes etc.

e-Demption can be included in our Fixed Fee protection. e-Demption is our very own reliable, risk-free online coupon solution, removing any security concerns, taking care of all costs associated with online coupons (including misuse) as well as providing full reporting and tracking facilities.

Want to add a big prize headline to your campaign? Our Prize Coverage is the affordable solution.

Our new Prize SDK is a useful tool to influence online, social and mobile customer behaviour i.e. register details, download an app, follow on Twitter, etc. The Prize SDK allows you simply and securely create an online, mobile or social media game, including an insured jackpot with our prize coverage, to encourage your players to do just that.

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